An Introduction to Mobile Apps for K-12 Students with Special Needs: An Instructional Website for Educational Technology Students

Dionne, Carl
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Mobile learning is a huge trend in delivering educational content. K-12 institutions are seeing the affordances that mobile learning provides, such as increased engagement and enhanced communication. This is especially important for delivery of education to students with special needs, who directly benefit from the enhanced communication. Many Educational Technology (ETEC) students are teachers, or going to be teachers, at K-12 institutions. Therefore, the purpose of this Instructional Design (ID) project is to develop and evaluate a website introducing University of Hawaii at Manoa ETEC graduate students to selected mobile applications for K-12 students with special needs. This ID project used demographic and attitudinal surveys to test student perceptions of the use of mobile technologies in the K-12 classroom. Selected mobile apps for the hearing and speech impaired were reviewed. After participating in the learning module, most felt comfortable using these apps for students with special needs. Survey results were favorable to the use of mobile technology for K-12 instruction. Among ETEC students, the use of mobile technologies in K-12 education is highly regarded. This study indicates that the use of mobile technologies in K-12 education is no longer a trend, but is vastly becoming a common educational practice.
Mobile Learning Special Needs
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