Some Dietetic Factors Influencing the Market for Poi in Hawaii, with Emphasis on a Survey of the Use of Poi by the Medical Profession and Allied Institutions

Derstine, Virginia
Rada, Edward L.
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University of Hawaii
The bulletin is a thorough review of the nutritional qualities of poi, particularly as a food for babies, convalescents, and people with digestive problems. The survey revealed that doctors in Hawaii are widely aware of these qualities. Tables summarize the survey responses and give the chemical and nutritional properties of poi. The idea that fermentation of poi reduces the bacterial load of the fresh product, and improves digestibility, was raised, but research was not available to confirm it, and the physicians surveyed lacked knowledge of this aspect.
taro, Colocasia esculenta, Hawaii, consumer surveys, food composition, fermented foods, nutritive value, allergenicity
Derstine V, Rada EL. 1952. Some dietetic factors influencing the market for poi in Hawaii, with emphasis on a survey of the use of poi by the medical profession and allied institutions. Honolulu (HI): University of Hawaii. 45 p. (Agricultural Economics Bulletin; 3)
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