Software Architectures and Efficient Data Sharing for Promoting Continuous Drug Re-purposing

Juric, Radmila
Che Fuh, Christopher
Kim, Inhwa
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The proposed layered and component based architectural style enables data sharing and accessibility of computational software components across problem domains in Biomedical Science. However, it also opens door to translational informatics, which bridges the gap between knowledge generated in biomedical science and clinical practices. Software applications generated from such an architectural style, are able to support continues drug repurposing. They exploit the semantic which exists, and is available across biomedical problem domains, between drug chemical compounds, their biological targets, particularly unintentional targets and drug therapeutic effects. The excerpt from the proposed software architectures has already been deployed in computationally light-weight software applications which based drug repurposing on reasoning upon collected available semantic. However a full scale implementation of the ideas of data sharing across the spectrum of biomedical research and disciplines, would require some changes in the way therapeutic drugs are discovered, tested and approved.
IT Architectures and Implementations in Healthcare Environments, drug re-purposing, owl/swrl, software architectures
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