Eleven New Records and Validations of Shore Fishes from the Hawaiian Islands

Randall, John E.
Earle, John L.
Hayes, Therese
Pittman, Corydon
Severns, Mike
Smith, R Jan F.
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University of Hawaii Press
New records, new species, and name changes of shore fishes for the Hawaiian Islands published since 1980 are briefly reviewed. The following species of fishes are new records or recognized as valid species for Hawaii: the moray Gymnothorax elegans Bliss (G. goldsboroughi Jordan & Evermann is a junior synonym), the false moray Xenoconger fryeri Regan, the frogfish Antennarius randalli Allen, the soldierfish Myripristis vittata Cuvier, the snapper Lutjanus gibbus (Forsskiil), the spadefish Platax boersii Bleeker, the butterflyfish Chaetodon ulietensis Cuvier, the damselfishes Chromis acares Randall and Plectroglyphidodon phoenixensis Schultz, the goby Mugilogobius parvus (Oshima), a probable unintentional introduction, and Arothron manilensis (Proce).
Randall JE, Earle JL, Hayes T, Pittman C, Severns M, Smith RJF. 1993. Eleven new records and validations of shore fishes from the Hawaiian Islands. Pac Sci 47(3): 222-239.
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