A Time-Sensitive IoT Data Analysis Framework

Korala, Harindu
Georgakopoulos, Dimitrios
Jayaraman, Prem Prakash
Yavari, Ali
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This paper proposes a Time-Sensitive IoT Data Analysis (TIDA) framework that meets the time-bound requirements of time-sensitive IoT applications. The proposed framework includes a novel task sizing and dynamic distribution technique that performs the following: 1) measures the computing and network resources required by the data analysis tasks of a time-sensitive IoT application when executed on available IoT devices, edge computers and cloud, and 2) distributes the data analysis tasks in a way that it meets the time-bound requirement of the IoT application. The TIDA framework includes a TIDA platform that implements the above techniques using Microsoft’s Orleans framework. The paper also presents an experimental evaluation that validates the TIDA framework’s ability to meet the time-bound requirements of IoT applications in the smart cities domain. Evaluation results show that TIDA outperforms traditional cloud-based IoT data processing approaches in meeting IoT application time-bounds and reduces the total IoT data analysis execution time by 46.96%.
Smart (City) Application Development: Challenges and Experiences, distributed iot data analysis, iot, smart city applications, time-sensitive data analysis
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