Is AI ready to become a state servant? A case study of an intelligent chatbot implementation in a Scandinavian Public Service

Henk, Anastasiya
Nilssen, Frode
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Will AI shorten or increase the number of jobs? This question took one of the central places in the service literature debates. On the one hand side, the developers of the AI accentuate the potential of the application to completely imitate human behaviour and overtake all human responsibilities. On the other hand, service workers and researchers emphasize the importance and uniqueness of a “human touch” in service work. To see how AI can affect the jobs of the service workers, we conducted a case study of a public service entity that introduced an intelligent chatbot in its customer centre. Particularly, we looked into how the implementation affects job characteristics (skills variety, task significance, task identity, autonomy, and feedback) of the frontline service workers.
AI, Organizing, and Management, artificial intelligence, job transformation, service sector
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