Exploring the Possibility of Virtual Reality Exergaming as a Cognitive Screening System

Shaw, Alex
Buckley, Jude
Corballis, Paul
Lutteroth, Christof
Wuensche, Burkhard
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Regular screening is important for early detection of cognitive impairment. Standard cognitive screening tests can be time consuming and tedious. Individuals at risk of cognitive decline should be doing regular exercise, and Virtual Reality (VR) exergames are one way to motivate them to do so. If these exergames can include non-obtrusive cognitive tests, then users can be regularly screened without it being such a tedious process. However, exergaming and VR might threaten the validity of these tests. This paper investigates whether this is likely to be the case and discusses some practical concerns around this approach of screening for cognitive decline. The results of this study suggest that standard cognitive tests are not rendered invalid in VR exergaming. However, more work is needed to investigate the effects of integrating tests into gameplay elements.
Personal Health and Wellness Management with Technologies, virtual reality, cognition, exergame
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