Leveraging the Potential of Conversational Agents: Quality Criteria for the Continuous Evaluation and Improvement

dc.contributor.author Lewandowski, Tom
dc.contributor.author Poser, Mathis
dc.contributor.author Kučević, Emir
dc.contributor.author Heuer, Marvin
dc.contributor.author Hellmich, Jannis
dc.contributor.author Raykhlin, Michael
dc.contributor.author Blum, Stefan
dc.contributor.author Böhmann, Tilo
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dc.date.available 2022-12-27T19:08:38Z
dc.date.issued 2023-01-03
dc.description.abstract Contemporary organizations are increasingly adopting conversational agents (CAs) as intelligent and natural language-based solutions for providing services and information. CAs promote new forms of personalization, speed, cost-effectiveness, and automation. However, despite their hype in research and practice, organizations fail to sustain CAs in operations. They struggle to leverage CAs’ potential because they lack knowledge on how to evaluate and improve the quality of CAs throughout their lifecycle. We build on this research gap by conducting a design science research (DSR) project, aggregating insights from the literature and practice to derive a validated set of quality criteria for CAs. Our study contributes to CA research and guides practitioners by providing a blueprint to structure the evaluation of CAs to discover areas for systematic improvement.
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dc.identifier.isbn 978-0-9981331-6-4
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dc.relation.ispartof Proceedings of the 56th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
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dc.subject Artificial Intelligence-based Assistants
dc.subject artificial intelligence assistants
dc.subject chatbots
dc.subject conversational agents
dc.subject design science research (dsr)
dc.subject quality criteria set
dc.title Leveraging the Potential of Conversational Agents: Quality Criteria for the Continuous Evaluation and Improvement
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