An adaptive scheduling framework for solving multi-objective hybrid flow shop scheduling problems

Nahhas, Abdulrahman
Krist, Marco
Turowski , Klaus
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The proposed new technologies in the context of industry 4.0 challenge the current practices of scheduling in industry and their associated research in academia. The conventional optimization techniques that are employed for solving scheduling problems are either computationally expensive or lack the required quality. Therefore, in this paper, we propose an adaptive scheduling framework to address scheduling problems taking into account multi-objective optimality measures. The framework is motivated by a hybrid design to combine the use of heuristic and metaheuristic approaches. The main idea behind the presented concept is to achieve an acceptable tradeoff between the quality of the suggested solutions for a problem and the required computational effort to obtain them. The perused narrative in such implementation is combining some advantages of heuristic and metaheuristic approaches such as: the light execution time of heuristics and the robustness as well as the quality of metaheuristic approaches. The framework is evaluated for solving hybrid flow shop scheduling problems that are derived from a real use case.
Modeling and Decision Making in Manufacturing and Logistics in the Age of Industry 4.0, adaptive scheduling, hybrid flow shop scheduling problems, hybrid solution techniques, multi-objective optimization
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