Review of Symposium on the Impact of Man on Humid Tropics Vegetation, by Government of Sarawak and UNESCO Science Cooperation Office for Southeast Asia; Archaeological Excavations in Thailand, Volume I: Sai Yok: Stone Age Settlements in the Kanchanaburi Province, by Dr. H. R. van Heekeren and Count Eigil Knuth; Archaeological Excavations in Thailand, Volume II: Ban-kao: Neolithic Settlements with Cemeteries in the Kanchanaburi Province, Part I: The Archaeological Material from the Burials, by Per Sorensen; Excavations of the Prehistoric Iron Industry in West Borneo, Vol. I: Raw Materials and Industrial Waste, Vol. II: Associated Artifacts and Ideas, by Tom Harrisson and Stanley J. O'Connor; Changpinian: A Newly Discovered Preceramic Culture from the Agglomerate Caves on the East Coast of Taiwan (Preliminary Report), by Wen-hsun Sung.

Clarke, William
Gorman, Chester
Solheim, Wilhelm G. II
Chang, Kwang-chih
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University of Hawai'i Press (Honolulu)
Clarke, W., C. Gorman, W. G. Solheim II, and K. Chang. 1971. Review Articles. Asian Perspectives 12 (1): 121-36.
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