Motivating English as a Foreign Language Teachers to Cultivate Intercultural Competence through an Online Module: An Instructional Design Project

Wu, Yu Chieh
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Most teaching pedagogies in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classes focused on enhancing students’ linguistic skills rather than exploring how cultures or politics influenced the interpretation of the English language. To address the challenge, computer-mediated communication (CMC) tools were used to foster online intercultural communication. Attention, relevance, confidence, and satisfaction (ARCS) motivational design model and critical pedagogy were used in developing this online professional development module. To cultivate EFL teachers’ intercultural competence, this language and identity unit utilized multimedia resources to raise participants’ attention, news articles to relate their lived experiences, online forums to establish their confidence, and intercultural experiences to increase their satisfaction. Data was collected from 16 EFL teachers’ questionnaires, online comments, and interviews. It was found that task attractiveness and online environment were factors that motivated participants to become critically literate. Current research only reveals a partial view of motivation, and thus long-range research would be worthwhile to investigate how cultural dynamics within groups may influence online communication.
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