The Effectiveness of E-Learning in Preparing Potential Volunteers: An Action Research Study

Mamizuka, Morgan
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Online Orientation for Potential Hanauma Bay Volunteers
Volunteers are the backbone of the Hanauma Bay Education Program (HBEP) and provide a service that benefits the management and sustainability of the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. HBEP docents educate visitors by sharing important park information and conservation messages to make for enjoyable and safe visits. In order to prepare new volunteer recruits for the tasks and responsibilities of the position, they must go through an application process and attend a rigorous face-to-face training program. Often, applicants go through the process and after much time and effort is exhausted by both the recruit and HBEP staff, they may decide not to continue as a volunteer after all. Therefore, there was a need for an online orientation to familiarize potential recruits with the HBEP and the volunteer position before they initiate the application and training process. An orientation website was created to present information for potential volunteers to become better acquainted with the park and volunteer workstations. Text and visual content were followed by an interactive practice module that allowed participants to apply the information to real world scenarios. Pre- and post-tutorial surveys were included to measure information retention and to collect feedback on the participants’ orientation experience. Ultimately, the online orientation was an effective e-learning tool in helping participants make an efficient and informed decision to commit to the program or not.
This 79-page Master's Project was created to complete the Learning Design and Technology Master's program. This resource includes PDFs of the final written paper, the website created to conduct the action research study, and the final PowerPoint presentation. The results from the action research study were presented at the 2020 Technology, Colleges, and Community Worldwide Online Conference.
Volunteers, online orientation, training, e-learning, environmental education, Hanauma Bay
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