Software Architectures for Smart Applications in the Management of Chronic Diseases: A Study of Reversibility of Diabetes 2

Tarabi, Mehdi
Juric, Radmila
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The paper proposes a software architecture for applications which use the reasoning upon SWRL enabled OWL ontologies and SQL like retrievals as core computational models. The application assists patients affected by diabetes 2, to personalize the reversibility of the condition through the diet and life style changes. The novelty is in (a) the deployment of SWRL enabled OWL ontologies in the management of data related to the personalisation of reversibility of diabetes 2 and in (b) the proposed software architecture, which contains and manipulates the SWRL enabled OWL ontology and SQL databases at the same time and transparently. The application, which has been implemented within the Java environment and NetBeans, is reusable in any other problem domain when the personalization of healthcare delivery is required. The proposed architecture also generates applications within Android environments without changing its style and the computational models.
IT Architectures and Implementations in Healthcare Environments, Reversibility, Diabetes 2, SWRL and OWL, Software architectures
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