Using Digital Coaching to Promote Physical Activity to University Students with Low Levels of Physical Activity: A Qualitative Intervention Study

Kettunen, Eeva
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Physical activity levels of university aged people have been declining in recent years. This age group is experienced in incorporating technology into their lives. Therefore, it is worthwhile to study the role sport and wellness technology could play in health promotion to this group. This exercise psychology focused intervention study explored the effects, needs and wants related to using a digital sport and wellness technology digital coach in the pursue of a more physically active lifestyle. The target group of this study was university students with low levels of physical activity. The results suggest digital coaching can motivate people with low levels of physical activity by giving them better self-awareness related to exercising. The individualized training program and feedback was perceived as positive, and digital coaching could be more effective with development towards digital coaching having more ‘human’ elements. These results provide information for companies and professionals working in sport and health promotion.
Digital Mobile Services for Everyday Life, digital coaching, exercise self-efficacy, motivation, sport technology, university students
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