Technology Orientation for Distance Education Students, Can it Help?

Larson, M.P.
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Department of Educational Technology, Univeristy of Hawaii
Online learning has become an increasingly popular mode of delivery in higher education. Many working adults and individuals living in rural areas depend on distance education courses and programs to further their educational goals. There is, however, a fear factor for inexperienced technology users and people returning back to school after a long absence. Studies suggest that offering an orientation may provide positive learning experiences that can ultimately help students gain self-efficacy and successfully complete their programs. A Skype orientation instructional module was created and tested by first-time distance education students during the second week of instruction. Data was collected on the effectiveness of the module and on students’ technological perceptions of themselves. Implications of this data are discussed in this paper.
technology, distance
Larson, M.P.(April 16, 2009). Technology orientation for distance education students, can it help? PowerPoint presented at the 14th Annual Technology, Colleges, and Community Worldwide Online Conference.
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