Impact of Mobile Electronic Word of Mouth (EWOM) on Consumers Purchase Intentions in the Fast-Causal Restaurant Industry in Indonesia

Yan, Xiangbin
Shah, Adnan Muhammad
Zhai, Li
Khan, Salim
Shah, Syed Asad Ali
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Latest media technology may shape consumers’ new motivations for disseminating word of mouth via mobile social networking sites (SNSs).This research aims to investigate the impact of social media marketing activities in terms of mobile eWOM on different dimensions of online CBBE and behavioral intentions towards online fast causal restaurant industry, using the S-O-R consumer response model. Participants (n= 351) resided in Indonesia and had prior experience of mobile application usage. SEM was used to analyze the data. The results indicate that mobile eWOM (stimulus) significantly influenced both consumer emotional, affective and cognitive responses. The emotional affective and cognitive responses significantly influenced behavioral responses. In addition, full mediation effects of CBBE were found between mobile eWOM and consumer response. Study findings emphasize the importance of examining consumer response in terms of mobile eWOM and CBBE. This study offers important theoretical and practical contributions to restaurant operators.
Social Shopping: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Brand Equity, Mobile eWOM, Perceived Quality, Purchase Intentions, S-O-R,
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