Supporting Seniors in Independent and Healthy Ageing through ICT: Insights from a Value-Focused Thinking Study in Latvia, Poland and Sweden

Soja, Ewa
Soja, Piotr
Kolkowska, Ella
Kirikova, Marite
Muceniece, Agneta
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The 2019 WHO symposium on the future of digital health systems emphasized the importance of putting the individuals at the center of their own health and well-being. Consequently, strategies for active and healthy ageing should comply with older people’s needs and requirements. In this paper, we applied the value-focused thinking approach to investigate the values held by seniors in Latvia, Poland and Sweden in the context of implementation of ICT for active and healthy ageing. Based on interviews with seniors, thirteen value-based objectives were identified and compared with domains of Active Ageing Index (AAI), a country-level measure of healthy and active ageing. The main findings imply that ICT is an important means of attaining the higher level of the AAI. To this end, taking into consideration value-based objectives held by seniors appears a necessary condition. Further, the results suggest that AAI index should be adjusted to the needs of seniors.
IT Adoption, Diffusion, and Evaluation in Healthcare, active and healthy ageing, ict, latvia, poland, sweden, value-based thinking
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