Patterns of Resource Integration in the Self-service Approach to Business Analytics

Bani-Hani, Imad
Tona, Olgerta
Carlsson, Sven
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The main premise of Self-Service Business Analytics (SSBA) is to make business users autonomous during the data analytical process. To empower business employees, organisations are decentralising their analytical capabilities therefore adopting an SSBA approach. Yet, little is known about how employees integrate resources, such as personal competencies, environment resources including technology, and other employees’ competencies, to generate insights in SSBA. Based on the empirical data of a major Norwegian online marketplace and drawing on service-dominant logic as an analytical framework, we identify and explain two types of resource integration in an SSBA environment: direct and clustered recourse integration (including 1st tier and 2nd tier) enabled and controlled by three types of institutions. We finally discuss some organisational implications and the meaning of each sub-type of clustered resource integration.
Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and Big Data: Innovation, Deployment, and Management, analytics decentralisation, institutions, resource integration, self-service business analytics, service dominant logic
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