The Revision and Development of the HELP Placement Test Long, Wenpei Johnstun, Ann 2011-06-09T21:43:41Z 2011-06-09T21:43:41Z 2009
dc.description.abstract This project intends to reform HELP’s placement test by observing its strengths and weaknesses. This project, contrary to the classical Item Response Theory (IRT), employed the Rasch model (Bond & Fox, 2007) for measurement. The Rasch model incorporates an algorithm that expresses the probabilistic expectations of item and person performances. The following tasks were performed subsequently: (1) Analyze the Michigan EPT test results from HELP students, to inform whether this can be used as an effective placement exam at HELP, (2) Evaluate and reform the reading and writing tests, (3) Develop a new speaking test, and (4) Revise written test administration and scoring procedures. The procedure and results of test reform is to be discussed, and recommendations for new placement tests will also follow.
dc.format.extent 36 pages
dc.subject Rasch model
dc.subject Rasch analysis
dc.subject placement test
dc.subject item validity
dc.subject test item analysis
dc.title The Revision and Development of the HELP Placement Test
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