Cover Crops for Orchards in Hawaii

Evans, Dale O.
Joy, Robert J.
Chia, C.L.
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University of Hawaii
The most appropriate cover crop species and practices differ depending on the orchard site, type of tree crop, and stage of orchard development. Success with cover crops depends on proper selection of plant species and on skill in establishing and managing them. Experience with cover crops in fruit tree plantings in Hawaii is limited. This publication presents information on the use and management of some legume and grass species as cover crops in avocado, banana, macadamia, and coffee orchards in Hawaii. Suggested species or practices should be tested in trial sections of orchards before widespread application.
avocados, bananas, Coffea, coffee, cover crops, Fabaceae, fruit crops, grasses, Hawaii, legumes, Macadamia, macadamia nuts, Musa, Persea americana, Poaceae
Evans DO, Joy RJ, Chia CL. 1988. Cover crops for orchards in Hawaii. Honolulu (HI): University of Hawaii. 16 p. (Research Extension Series; RES-094).
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