Swim This Way: Instructional Design for Improved Technical Skill for Freestyle Swimming

Open water swimmers who train seasonally face the disadvantage of not having access to continuous, personal coaching out of season. Although there are many apps, websites, and video libraries about swimming technique available, there is no one place with reliable, quality content that is cost-free. This project aimed to fill the gap by producing reliable instructional content that could be used to improve performance. The goal of this project was to create a singular location that has relevant resources, used terminology swimmers were familiar with, and scaffolded prior knowledge with new information and cut out endless hours of research online. The goal of the instruction was to enable participants to analyze one new swim stroke technique and modify their stroke after completing instruction. To evaluate the cognitive domain, pre- and post-tests were used. To evaluate the psychomotor domain, self-assessment and physical cues checklists were used. The technology was a mobile-app designed for on-the-go, asynchronous learning. Each learning module developed focused on one stroke technique area and allowed learners to actively participate in their learning through short-form video and the associated assessments.
Master's Final Project, mobile-app, on-the-go, asynchronous learning for freestyle swimming technique for open water swimmers.
Swimming, Education, Educational technology, Mobile communication systems in education, Perceptual-motor learning, Cognitive learning theory
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