Opening the Black Box of Music Royalties with the Help of Hybrid Intelligence

Elshan, Edona
Engel, Christian
Ebel, Philipp
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The ever-increasing complexity of the music industry and the intensified resentment of artists towards collecting societies call for a transformation and a change of behavior within the music ecosystem. This article introduces a hybrid intelligence system, that ameliorates the current situation by combining the intelligence of humans and machines. This study proposes design requirements for hybrid intelligence systems in the music industry. Using a design science research approach, we identify design requirements both inductively from expert interviews and deductively from theory and present a first prototypical instantiation of a respective hybrid intelligence system. Overall, this shall enrich the body of knowledge of hybrid intelligence research by transferring its concepts into a new context. Furthermore, the identified design requirements shall serve as a foundation for researchers and practitioners to further explore and design hybrid intelligence in the music industry, and beyond.
AI, Organizing, and Management, artificial intelligence, hybrid intelligence, music industry
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