The Hydrogeology and Water Supply Problems in North-Central Chile

Lloyd, John W.
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University of Hawaii Press
The north-central zone of Chile is described with respect to groundwater supply problems. In this region, groundwater is almost exclusively obtained from the thin alluvium in the main transverse valleys, which descend from the Andes in those sections where the valleys cross the northerly trending "central valley." Because of the steep groundwater gradients prevailing, the groundwater resources are closely related to seasonal recharge. As the area is arid to semiarid and has been showing indications of increasing aridity over the past few years, water supply problems are proving to be a serious development constraint. Throughout the area, many examples of insufficient water supply may be encountered, and the problems of water use management and the utilization for industrial purposes of supplies such as seawater, brines, and sewage are now being considered.
Lloyd JW. 1976. The hydrogeology and water supply problems in north-central Chile. Pac Sci 30(1): 91-100.
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