Fertilization of Avocado Trees

Chia, C.L.
McCall, W.W.
Evans, D.O.
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University of Hawaii
For good growth and yield of avocado trees, fertilizer applications are usually required to supplement plant nutrients available from the soil. Preplant fertilizer and soil amendment applications may have a long-term effect on orchard productivity. Fertilizers are also applied to the soil surface at intervals during the establishment and bearing stages of the orchard. The timing and amount of these applications can influence tree vigor and yield. Specific nutrient requirements of avocado grown in Hawaii are not well known, and much of the information given here is based on avocado production elsewhere. This guide covers plant nutrients needed by avocado, fertilizer applications, and methods of diagnosing plant nutrient requirements.
avocados, fertilizer application, Hawaii, nutrient management, Persea americana, plant nutrition, fruit crops
Chia CL, McCall WW, Evans DO. 1988. Fertilization of avocado trees. Honolulu (HI): University of Hawaii. 4 p. (Commodity Fact Sheet; CFS-AVO-3B).
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