Comparing the vocabulary of different graded-reading schemes Wan-a-rom, Udorn 2020-05-22T02:05:44Z 2020-05-22T02:05:44Z 2008-04
dc.description.abstract This study compared graded-reader wordlists with the General Service List (GSL; West, 1953) and investigated the words in those lists and the words actually used in graded-reader books. The wordlists from the 2 major graded-reader series, the GSL, and the words actually used in the graded readers were examined using the Range program. The comparisons showed that the lists are different from each other largely because of the different sizes of the lists and because of the words they contain and do not contain. In addition, the words actually used in the books do not stick closely to the words in the lists on which they are based, especially at Level 1. Conclusions and implications are drawn for practice in extensive reading programs.
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dc.subject graded levels
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dc.subject graded readers
dc.subject wordlists
dc.subject extensive reading
dc.title Comparing the vocabulary of different graded-reading schemes
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