Resilient Distributed Control Approach for Online Voltage Regulation in Distribution Networks under Adversaries

Zhao, Tianqiao
Wang, Jianhui
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This paper proposes a resilient distributed control approach for the voltage regulation problem in distribution networks with high penetration of photovoltaic systems. Aiming to reduce the network power loss and curtailment of photovoltaic active power generation, an objective function is formulated while subjecting to physical operation constraints. With feedback-based information, the proposed solution to optimal voltage regulation can be implemented in an online and distributed manner that ensures a real-time regulation response to fast voltage fluctuations. The proposed approach provides a cyber-secure solution that mitigates attack impacts on voltage control based on a weighted mean subsequence reduced technique. The proposed approach further addresses potential cyber-threats to the information and communication-based control of distributed PV inverters. Numerical studies on the IEEE 37-bus distribution system verify that the proposed approach achieves the optimal voltage regulation performance while ensuring the resilience.
Distributed, Renewable, and Mobile Resources, distributed algorithm, distribution systems, mean subsequence reduced algorithm, resilient control, voltage regulation
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