Foreign language partnership Davis, K. en_US Syed, Z. en_US 2009-07-24T19:47:30Z 2009-07-24T19:47:30Z 2009-07-24T19:47:30Z en_US
dc.description.abstract US policy makers and educators have tended to view immigrant languages as a "problem" rather than recognize these languages as "resources." This video illustrates the theories, procedures, and experiences of participants involved in a foreign language learning project which paired high school tutors with university foreign language students. The project was designed to (1) acknowledge the L1 resources of high school immigrant students, (2) develop L2 proficiency among university students through providing opportunities to engage in authentic conversation, and (3) promote bilingualism among both immigrants and monolingual English speakers en_US
dc.identifier.citation Davis, K. & Syed, Z. (1997). Foreign language partnership (NFLRC Video #07). Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i, Second Language Teaching & Curriculum Center. en_US
dc.publisher Second Language Teaching & Curriculum Center, University of Hawai‘i en_US
dc.subject heritage language en_US
dc.subject language instruction en_US
dc.title Foreign language partnership en_US
dc.type Moving Image en_US
dc.type.dcmi video en_US
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