The Sunday Sessions: Remembering the Forgotten War

Harris, Julia
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
While taking Honors 495, I was told that to successfully complete such an ambitious project I should be passionate about my topic. It would be best if l had a -­ burning question inside ofmyselfthat I wanted to answer. I realized at that moment that I did have a burning question that I wanted answered. I needed to know more about my father and his experiences when he was young in order to more fully understand myself. I had always known that he served in the Korean War; however, I did not know the details ofthe events that took place while he was there, nor did I ever bother to ask. When the opportunity to participate in this project arose, I recognized that this was the time to address my questions. Consequently, I decided to write fiction inspired by actual events from 1950-1953. Thus, the basis ofmy research was one-on-one interviews with my father. I started these interviews in January of 2004 and completed them that summer.
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