Population Behaviors in Crisis Situations - A Study of Behavioral Factors in the PPI Ineos Emergency Response Exercise

Arru, Maude
Negre, Elsa
Rosenthal-Sabroux, Camille
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Warnings can help to prevent damage and harm if they are issued timely and provide information that helps respondents and population to adequately prepare for the disaster to come. Today, many indicators and sensor systems are designed to produce alert and reduce disaster risks. These systems have proved to be effective but, as all systems including human beings, part of the system remains unpredictable. Each person behaves differently when a problem arises. We study in this paper the reactions of the population of Verdun, in France, during a public safety exercise. This exercise simulated a chemical risk alert, including the population participation. We propose here an analysis of people's reactions during this exercise, based on interviews and surveys, and according to different behavioral factors.
Communication and Information Systems Technology for Crisis and Disaster Management, Behaviors, Crisis Management, Data Analysis, Emergency Response Exercise, Populations
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