Medical Internet of Things: A Survey of the Current Threat and Vulnerability Landscape

Mcgowan, Aleise
Sittig, Scott
Andel, Todd
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The Internet of things (IoT) is a system that utilizes the Internet to facilitate communication between sensors and devices. Given the ubiquitous nature of IoT devices, it is seemingly inevitable that IoT would be used as a conduit to transform healthcare. One such medical IoT (mIoT) device that is revolutionizing healthcare is the medical implant device. These mIoT implant devices which control insulin pumps, cardioverter defibrillators and bone growth stimulators have redefined the way patient data is accessed, and healthcare is delivered. These implant devices are a double-edged sword. While they allow for the effective and efficient noninvasive treatment of patients, this external communication makes the medical implants vulnerable to cyberattacks synonymous with IoT devices. As a result, privacy and security vulnerabilities have surfaced as pronounced challenges for mIoT devices. This work summarizes and synthesizes the inherent vulnerabilities associated with mIoT devices and the implications regarding patient safety.
Security and Privacy Challenges for Healthcare, cybersecurity, healthcare, medical implant device, medical internet of things, security
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