Towards Financial Risk Management for Intermittent Renewable Generation with Battery Storage

Henni, Sarah
Staudt, Philipp
Jaquart, Patrick
Weinhardt, Christof
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As levelized costs of electricity for many renewable generation sources are continuing to fall and as feed-in tariffs are consequently being phased out, financial risk hedging for intermittent renewable generators takes a central stage. Battery storage as complementary capacity can support renewable generators regarding a more stable supply of electricity. In this study, we take first steps in modelling battery storage options as service products that are provided by battery storage operators to renewable generation operators. We model the situation theoretically, develop corresponding hedging strategies and apply the models to a fictional solar PV plant. The results show that battery storage options can reduce the risk for intermittent renewable generators and that the options can be financially beneficial for both the battery storage and the renewable capacity operator.
Policy, Markets and Analytics, risk hedging, intermittent renewable generation, battery storage, storage as a service
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