Evaluation of Mode Meters Robust to Forced Oscillations using Field-Measured Data

Follum, Jim
Agrawal, Urmila
Etingov, Pavel
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Mode meters are tools used by power system operators to continuously monitor a system's small-signal stability. They do so by estimating the system's electromechanical modes of oscillation. When a system undergoes a forced oscillation, mode meters may become biased because the two types of oscillation cannot be distinguished. Modified mode meter algorithms robust to this bias have been proposed in prior research, but these studies were based primarily on simulated data. In this paper, modified least squares and Yule-Walker mode meter algorithms are evaluated using field-measured data from phasor measurement units (PMUs). Results show that the sensitivities of the least squares algorithm make it impractical for use given the complexities of real-world forced oscillations. However, the modified Yule-Walker algorithm is shown to perform well and has significant potential for practical deployment in mode meter tools.
Monitoring, Control and Protection, electromechanical mode, forced oscillation, phasor measurement unit, power system dynamics
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