Technology as a Source of Power: Exploring How ICT Use Contributes to the Social Inclusion of Refugees in Germany

Abujarour, Safa'A
Köster, Antonia
Krasnova, Hanna
Wiesche, Manuel
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Since the beginning of the recent global refugee crisis, researchers have been tackling many of its associated aspects, investigating how we can help to alleviate this crisis, in particular, using ICTs capabilities. In our research, we investigated the use of ICT solutions by refugees to foster the social inclusion process in the host community. To tackle this topic, we conducted thirteen interviews with Syrian refugees in Germany. Our findings reveal different ICT usages by refugees and how these contribute to feeling empowered. Moreover, we show the sources of empowerment for refugees that are gained by ICT use. Finally, we identified the two types of social inclusion benefits that were derived from empowerment sources. Our results provide practical implications to different stakeholders and decision-makers on how ICT usage can empower refugees, which can foster the social inclusion of refugees, and what should be considered to support them in their integration effort.
Culture, Identity, and Inclusion, empowerment, ict, refugees, social inclusion, technology
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