Developing Fairness Rules for Talent Intelligence Management System

Zhang, Xi
Zhao, Yuqing
Tang, Xinlin
Zhu, Hengshu
Xiong, Hui
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Talent management is an important business strategy, but inherently expensive due to the unique, subjective, and developing nature of each talent. Applying artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze large-scale data, talent intelligence management system (TIMS) is intended to address the talent management problems of organizations. While TIMS has greatly improved the efficiency of talent management, especially in the processes of talent selection and matching, high-potential talent discovery and talent turnover prediction, it also brings new challenges. Ethical issues, such as how to maintain fairness when designing and using TIMS, are typical examples. Through the Delphi study in a leading global AI company, this paper proposes eight fairness rules to avoid fairness risks when designing TIMS.
Promises and Perils of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Disruption, Adoption, Dehumanisation, Governance, Risk and Compliance, talent management, artificial intelligence, talent intelligence management system, fairness rules
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