Green IS Does Not Just Save Energy – Insights from a Survey on Organizations’ Uses of Sustainable Technologies

Schmermbeck, Helge
Thünnesen, Joke
Voss, Natalie
Ahlemann, Frederik
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Organizations are increasingly challenged to digitally transform themselves, and to respond to calls for increased sustainability. While the adoption of sustainable innovations, such as Green information systems (Green IS), are one way to address both challenges, there are only few insights that provide nontechnology or company-specific insights into specific positive and negative Green IS outcomes. We address this shortcoming and shed light on Green IS adoption outcomes, as well as their interconnection to general sustainability initiatives in organizations. In a descriptive survey we find that many organizations already employ sustainability principles, but few incorporate Green IS. We confirm organizations almost exclusively report positive outcomes of Green IS usage, such as reduced resource consumption, increased compliance with regulations, and social acceptance. Based on these findings we suggest to especially further research the process of Green IS adoption.
Analytics and Decision Support for Green IS and Sustainability Applications, green is, organizational benefits, survey, sustainability, sustainability innovation
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