Social Media Engagement: Content Strategy and Metrics Research Opportunities

Perreault, Marie-Catherine
Mosconi, Elaine
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Social media platforms allow for the integration of online and offline experiences for customers and brand relationships. Firms must understand which moves are the best to engage customers on social platforms. Smartphone’s adoption has contributed to the expansion of social media uses and seems to facilitate engagement in online brands’ experience. However, previous research reveals no consensus about what customer brand engagement in social media is and how to measure it. The objective here is to identify factors of social media engagement and metrics adopted to define social media brands’ content strategy performance. A systematic literature review shows social media engagement as a misunderstood concept related to different levels of customer relationships. Also, findings reveal that the literature has failed to address social media content strategy performance and the metrics adopted. This paper examines and categorizes metrics and opportunities for future research, as well as managerial involvement in social media engagement issues.
Electronic Marketing, Customer Brand Engagement, Online engagement, Social Media, Social Media Engagement, Social Media Metrics
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