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Item Summary 2009-04-09T21:01:16Z 2009-04-09T21:01:16Z [1990s?]
dc.description Manus languages 1-22. Side 1: Manus languages 1-22 128 Loniu, 198 ERE, 251 Titan, 279 Likum, 298 Lou, 333 Levei, 376 Nauna, 419 Lindrou (cont. on other side) Side 2: 48 Pelipowai, 72 Ahus, 93 Pak, 135 Leipon, 154 Seimat, 192 Penchal, 241 Ndrehet, 266 Naringel (?), 282 Wuvulu, 301 Kuruti, 323 Mondropolon, 351 Lenkau, 392 Lele, 419 Mussou Notes: Tape broke but was fixed.
dc.language.iso los
dc.language.iso twp
dc.language.iso ttv
dc.language.iso lib
dc.language.iso loj
dc.language.iso tlx
dc.language.iso ncn
dc.language.iso lid
dc.language.iso rak
dc.language.iso anx
dc.language.iso pkg
dc.language.iso lek
dc.language.iso ssg
dc.language.iso pek
dc.language.iso tlx
dc.language.iso wuv
dc.language.iso ktm
dc.language.iso npn
dc.language.iso ler
dc.language.iso lle
dc.title RB1-005
dc.type.dcmi Sound
dc.subject.languagecode los
dc.subject.languagecode twp
dc.subject.languagecode ttv
dc.subject.languagecode lib
dc.subject.languagecode loj
dc.subject.languagecode tlx
dc.subject.languagecode ncn
dc.subject.languagecode lid
dc.subject.languagecode rak
dc.subject.languagecode anx
dc.subject.languagecode pkg
dc.subject.languagecode lek
dc.subject.languagecode ssg
dc.subject.languagecode pek
dc.subject.languagecode tlx
dc.subject.languagecode wuv
dc.subject.languagecode ktm
dc.subject.languagecode npn
dc.subject.languagecode ler
dc.subject.languagecode lle
dc.subject.language Loniu
dc.subject.language Ere
dc.subject.language Titan
dc.subject.language Likum
dc.subject.language Lou
dc.subject.language Levei
dc.subject.language Nauna
dc.subject.language Lindrou
dc.subject.language Pelipowai
dc.subject.language Ahus
dc.subject.language Pak
dc.subject.language Leipon
dc.subject.language Seimat
dc.subject.language Penchal
dc.subject.language Ndrehet
dc.subject.language Wuvulu
dc.subject.language Kurti
dc.subject.language Mondrupolon
dc.subject.language Lenkau
dc.subject.language Lele
dc.type.linguistictype lexicon
dc.content.language Loniu
dc.content.language Ere
dc.content.language Titan
dc.content.language Likum
dc.content.language Lou
dc.content.language Levei
dc.content.language Nauna
dc.content.language Lindrou
dc.content.language Pelipowai
dc.content.language Ahus
dc.content.language Pak
dc.content.language Leipon
dc.content.language Seimat
dc.content.language Penchal
dc.content.language Ndrehet
dc.content.language Wuvulu
dc.content.language Kurti
dc.content.language Mondrupolon
dc.content.language Lenkau
dc.content.language Lele
dc.content.languagecode los
dc.content.languagecode twp
dc.content.languagecode ttv
dc.content.languagecode lib
dc.content.languagecode loj
dc.content.languagecode tlx
dc.content.languagecode ncn
dc.content.languagecode lid
dc.content.languagecode rak
dc.content.languagecode anx
dc.content.languagecode pkg
dc.content.languagecode lek
dc.content.languagecode ssg
dc.content.languagecode pek
dc.content.languagecode tlx
dc.content.languagecode wuv
dc.content.languagecode ktm
dc.content.languagecode npn
dc.content.languagecode ler
dc.content.languagecode lle
dc.contributor.depositor Blust, Robert
dc.coverage.iso3166 ID Indonesia
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