Roviana Language Data

This collection contains elicited wordlists and sentences, quantifier stimulus data, and narratives in Roviana, collected by Peter Schuelke. The data was collected over six years of study through both in-person elicitation and recording and remote digital elicitation. Roviana is an Austronesian language of Solomon Islands spoken by 5,000-10,000 people as first language. The Roviana people traditionally occupy the area of the Roviana lagoon and the area to the west up to and including the island of Parara in the Western Province. Roviana is noteworthy to linguists as it displays unique ergative patterns in both morphology and syntax. This collection contains language data from three in-person field trips and several years of digitally collected data.

PS1-001 - PS1-013 consists of elicitations of the SIL Grammar and Basic Vocabulary in Oceanic elicitation schedule, elicitation of Bruening's scope elicitation stimulus kit, free elicitation focused on grammatical relations, and various monologues including vivinei malivi (a Roviana verbal art form) and historic retelling of John Kennedy's rescue by the Roviana people all collected in Wellington, New Zealand in 2016. PS1-014-PS1-0130 contains elicitations of the SIL Grammar and Basic Vocabulary in Oceanic elicitation schedule, a complete Rapid Word Collection wordlist, targeted elicitation for grammatical features missed by the elicitation schedule, and the telling of vivinei malivi all collected in Newcastle, Australia in 2016. PS1-031-PS1-051 contains grammatical elicitation, vivinei malivi, personal narratives, demonstration and explanation of cassava preparation and roof thatching, conversations, natural history elicitation, counting, and singing, all collected in 2017 in Solomon Islands, mostly in Honiara and Tolavae village on the island of Parara. Notably, PS1-046, PS1-048, PS1-050, and PS1-051 contain text files with transcription, glossing, and translation. PS1-052 contains digital fieldnotes from 2014. PS1-053 contains digital fieldnotes from 2015. PS1-054 contains digital fieldnotes from 2016, which includes a preliminary draft of an extensive sketch grammar. PS1-055 contains digital fieldnotes from 2017. PS1-056 contains digital fieldnotes from 2018 which contains a study examining all the possible coda-onset sequences that can be created through reduplication. PS1-057 contains digital fieldnotes from 2019.

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