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dc.description Sidebound University of Hawai'i notebook. Word lists, phonetic transcriptions, kinship terms, morphology, 2-12 Lepo Anan (Kenyah); 12-21 Kelabit (Long Leilang); 22-32 Kelabit; 32-40 Kayan (Long Atip); 41-51 Kenyah (Long Jeeh); 51-55 Long Ikang; 55-72 Long Selaan; 73-84 Batu Belah; 85-94 Berawan (Long Jegan). Descriptions of where the language is spoken, speaker information. Files provided as high and low definition JPGs.
dc.format notebook
dc.language.iso xkl
dc.language.iso kzi
dc.language.iso kzi
dc.language.iso kys
dc.language.iso kys
dc.language.iso sib
dc.language.iso xkl
dc.language.iso zbc
dc.language.iso zbe
dc.title RB2-003-C
dc.contributor.speaker Larau, Tow (Lepo Anan)
dc.contributor.speaker Maran, Langat (Long Leilang)
dc.contributor.speaker Kusing, Urkert (Kelabit)
dc.contributor.speaker Jok, Ngau (Long Atip)
dc.contributor.speaker Uking, Tingang (Long Jeeh)
dc.contributor.speaker Asa, Francis (Long Ikang)
dc.contributor.speaker Kuleh, Francis (Long Selaan)
dc.contributor.speaker Ajang, Anthony (Batu Belah)
dc.contributor.speaker Yon, Olivia (Batu Belah)
dc.contributor.speaker Jengang, George (Long Jegan)
dc.subject.languagecode xkl
dc.subject.languagecode kzi
dc.subject.languagecode kzi
dc.subject.languagecode kys
dc.subject.languagecode kys
dc.subject.languagecode sib
dc.subject.languagecode xkl
dc.subject.languagecode zbc
dc.subject.languagecode zbe
dc.subject.language Lepo Anan (Kenyah)
dc.subject.language Kelabit (Long Leilang)
dc.subject.language Kelabit
dc.subject.language Kayan (Long Atip)
dc.subject.language Kenyah (Long Jeeh)
dc.subject.language Long Ikang
dc.subject.language Long Selaan
dc.subject.language Batu Belah
dc.subject.language Berawan (Long Jegan)
dc.type.linguistictype lexicon
dc.type.linguistictype language_description
dc.type.linguistictype primary_text 1971-07-26 1971-09-21
dc.content.language Lepo Anan (Kenyah)
dc.content.language Kelabit (Long Leilang)
dc.content.language Kelabit
dc.content.language Kayan (Long Atip)
dc.content.language Kenyah (Long Jeeh)
dc.content.language Long Ikang
dc.content.language Long Selaan
dc.content.language Batu Belah
dc.content.language Berawan (Long Jegan)
dc.content.language English
dc.content.languagecode xkl
dc.content.languagecode kzi
dc.content.languagecode kzi
dc.content.languagecode kys
dc.content.languagecode kys
dc.content.languagecode sib
dc.content.languagecode xkl
dc.content.languagecode zbc
dc.content.languagecode zbe
dc.content.languagecode eng
dc.description.region Sarawak; data collected in Borneo.
dc.contributor.researcher Blust, Robert
dc.contributor.depositor Blust, Robert
dc.relation.iscopyof RB2-003-B
dc.relation.iscopyof RB2-003-A
dc.relation.iscopyof RB2-003-D
dc.relation.iscopyof RB2-003-E
dc.coverage.iso3166 ID Indonesia
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