Chemistry, scale, and performance of the Hawaii Geothermal Project-A plant

Baughman, E.C.
Uemura, Roy T.
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Hawaii Electric Light Company, Inc.
The objective of this study was to determine the effects of scale, corrosion, and erosion of the geothermal resource on HGP-A Geothermal Wellhead Power Plant. Analysis of the fluid chemistry was made to interpret the cause of corrosion and scale deposition in the brine and steam systems. It was found that metal sulfide scale formation occurred in the steam system and silica type scale formation in the brine system. The rate of scale deposition was strongly influenced by thechemical conditions in those systems. Although scale and corrosion did occur in the plant piping systems and equipment, they did not appreciably affect the performance of the plant. The results of this study will make the utilities more aware of the effects of geothermal fluid chemistry on scale deposition and corrosion which may increase plant efficiency and reduce maintenance of future plants.
On cover: "AP·4342 Research Project 1195-12." "Prepared for Electric Power Research Institute" in Palo Alto, California.
HECo, Hawaii Geothermal Project, production, chemistry, scaling, silica, Puna, Hawaii
Baughman EC, Uemura RT. 1985. Chemistry, scale, and performance of the Hawaii Geothermal Project-A plant. Hilo (HI): Hawaii Electric Light Company, Inc.
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