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Deep-sea Benthic Fish of the Hawaiian Archipelago, Cross Seamount, and Johnston Atoll

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Title:Deep-sea Benthic Fish of the Hawaiian Archipelago, Cross Seamount, and Johnston Atoll
Authors:Chave, E.H.
Mundy, B.C.
Date Issued:Oct 1994
Publisher:University of Hawaii Press
Citation:Chave EH, Mundy BC. 1994. Deep-sea benthic fish of the Hawaiian Archipelago, Cross Seamount, and Johnston Atoll. Pac Sci 48(4): 367-409.
Abstract:More than 250 benthic fish taxa were photographed and videotaped
by Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory submersibles at depths between
40 and 2000 m in the Hawaiian Archipelago, Johnston Atoll, and Cross
Seamount. Most of the 213 identified fish species occurred close to hard substrates
with holes, ledges, or caves. Twenty-two species (notably the larger
sharks, lutjanids, and carangids) are cosmopolitan. Seventy-six species are
restricted to various Indo-Pacific areas, 64 in the Pacific, and 51 in the
Hawaiian Archipelago including Cross Seamount and Johnston Atoll. There
is a rapid decrease in the number of species from 200 to 400 m depth.
One hundred eight species were seen 20 m deeper than previously reported.
Eleven of the deeper-dwelling animals were found 20 m shallower than previously
recorded. Faunal zones were not recognized at any depth. Species newly
recorded in Hawai'i include Bathypterois grallator (Goode & Bean), Bodianus
cylindriatus (Tanaka), Centrophorus cf. granulosus (Bloch & Schneider), Chaunax
fimbriatus Hilgendorf, Caelorinchus spilonotus Sazonov & Iwamoto, Notocanthus
sp., Paratrachichthys prosthemius Jordan & Fowler, Prognathodes guezei
(Mauge & Bauchot), and Sladenia remiger Smith & Radcliffe. New species
collected and reported elsewhere are Centrodraco rubellus Fricke et al., Epigonus
glossodontus Gon, Owstonia sp., and Pseudanthiasfucinus (Randall & Ralston).
Caelorinchus sp. 2 and Callanthias sp. are probably undescribed. It appears that
the Hawaiian deep-sea fish fauna has multiple origins and affinities with many
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