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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Polynesia in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 1990 to 30 June 1991Crocombe, Marjorie; Crocombe, Ron; Legalley, Bill; Levine, Stephen; Rapaport, Moshe; Trask, Haunani-Kay; Walker, Ranginui J.
1992Review of Art and Identity in Oceania, edited by Allan Hanson and Louise HansonGathercole, Peter
1992Review of Education for Economic Development in the South Pacific, edited by K. G. GannicottPotter, Robert E.
1992Review of Health and the Rise of Civilization, by Mark Nathan CohenPollock, Nancy J.
1992Review of Nga Tau Tohetohe: Years of Anger, by Ranginui WalkerWard, Alan
1992Review of No Longer an American Lake? edited by John RavenhillDorrance, John C.
1992Review of Renaissance in the Pacific, coordinated by Murray Chapman and Jean-Francois DuponWaddell, Eric
1992Review of Sacred Queens and Women of Consequence: Rank, Gender, and Colonialism in the Hawaiian Islands, by Jocelyn LinnekinRalston, Caroline
1992Review of Sovereignty and Survival: Island Microstates in the Third World, by John ConnellBertram, Geoffrey
1992Review of The Abandoned Narcotic: Kava and Cultural Instability in Melanesia, by Ron BruntonLindstrom, Lamont
1992Review of The History of the Pacific Islands: Kingdoms of the Reefs, by Deryck ScarrThomas, Nicholas
1992Specters of InauthenticityJolly, Margaret
1992The Study of Women in the PacificRalston, Caroline
1992Tokelau in Review: Issues and Events, 1 July 1990 to 30 June 1991Levine, Stephen