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Title: JB1-003 
Author: Kau, Tom; Bradshaw, Joel; Bradshaw, Joel
Date: 1976-12-15
Description: war story; love story. On case: 3.1 SawaNga Aliau - War 1-213 16 Dec 76 Tuatua wo ipisa naNgi teteu na/3.2 Tom Kau - Sawasawa Nu. love story 1-81 16 Dec 76 Sawasawa na natunewe/ Nu3 SawaNga Aliau War Story Tom Kau Sawasawa na nantunewe/ On cassette: 3 SawaNga Aliau War Story 1-213 - Tom Kau Sawasawa na natanewe. Some sound distortion near the beginning of side A; side A only contains 16:30 of recording; side B only contains 7 minutes of recording

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JB1-003-A.mp3 30.53Mb mp3 audio View/Open
JB1-003-A.wav 549.5Mb WAV audio View/Open
JB1-003-B.mp3 12.91Mb mp3 audio View/Open
JB1-003-B.wav 232.4Mb WAV audio View/Open

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