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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A Rasch Analysis of the ELI Listening Placement TestMiyata, Munehiko
2005A Rationale for Creating Items for the Vocabulary Section of the ELI Reading Placement TestNguyen, Nhi Chau Thi; Biedenfeld, Alexis von
2007Reflections on Teaching ESL Advanced Reading CourseFujisawa, Yusuke
2007The Relationships of Learning Strategy Instruction, Autonomy, and Motivation in L2 Vocabulary LearningHuang, Hung-Tzu; Ma, Jee Hyun
1998Rethinking Needs in an English Language Program: Three Case Studies in English for Academic PurposesNarita, Yoneko Z.
2008Review of ELIOIP (ELI oral interview procedure)Ng, Samantha
2004Revising ELI listening/speaking Diagnostic Activities: Developing Rating Scales for Oral Presentation and Group Discussion ActivitiesFujisawa, Yusuke
2007Revisiting Cohesive Devices in Academic L2 English Writing: What Do Successful Writers Use?Sinicrope, Castle
2012A Small Story Speaks Louder: Insights from an Internal Evaluation of the Discussion Circle ProjectChoi, Na Young; Meier, Valerie; Trace, Johnathan
2004Socialization into L2 Academic Culture Through Leading Discussion CirclesRannik, Ave
2007Standard Setting for a Listening Subtest of a University ESL Placement TestYang, Weiwei
2009A Story in Four Words: An Analysis of Lexical Bundles in Learners’ Writing Placement Test in ELIPT CorpusSuethanapornkul, Sakol
2002Student Writing Assessment for ELI 73 Curriculum DevelopmentLu, Crystal Fen-Chuan
1989A Systematically Designed Curriculum for ELI Introductory Academic ListeningDonovan, Catherine; Serizawa, Chieko
2013A Task-Based Construct of Critical Listening Comprehension in AssessmentTrace, Jonathan
-A Task-based Needs Analysis for the English Language Institute at the University of Hawai'I at ManoaKim, Youngkyu; Kong, Don-Kwan; Lee, Younnneun; Silva, Anthony; Urano, Ken
2009Teacher and Student Perceptions of Second Language Writing Feedback: A Survey of Six College ESL Classes and Their TeachersJohnstun, Ann
2006Teachers' Belief on Teaching and Learning L2 ReadingYamaguchi,Takako
2013Thank you for your awesome thoughts about the article: Social interaction and critical thinking in student-facilitated online discussionsMeier, Valerie
2004Vocabulary Knowledge Differences between Placed and Promoted EAP StudentsClark, Martyn K.,; Ishida, Saori