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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2012Assessment of traffic impact studies on Oahu between 1976 and 2002Caroee, Maja
May-2012Chlordane and dieldrin contamination and biodegradation in Ala Wai Canal sedimentLee, Cindy Mun Yee
Dec-2014Comparative evaluation of six different granular activated carbon for TCP removal using rapid small scale column testHarada, Bryce Kaohe
Dec-2014Detecting interlayer delamination in asphalt airport pavements using strain gage instrumentation systemsCook, Karissa K.
Dec-2014Dynamic segregation of self-consolidating concrete : new test method and effects of mix proportionsLi, Wenmei
May-2014Evaluating the Effect of Oʻahu Climate Data on MEPDG Distress PredictionsPerrett, Matthew Kenneth
2006Evaluation of parameters influencing oxygen transfer efficiency in a membrane bioreactorHu, Jing
Dec-2014Evaluation of shansep parameters and initial-shear-stress induced strength anisotropy of a lagoonal deposit near Ke'ehi Interchange, Honolulu, HawaiʻiKawamoto, Todd Kazuo
Dec-2014Experimental study on the effect of submerged breakwater configuration on long wave run-up reductionShing, Tony Kai Chung
May-2012Generalized processing of FBG/FRP strain data for structural health monitoringStockdale, Gabriel Lee
Aug-2012Geometric Effects on Maximum Power Absorption Efficiency for a Single, Two-Dimensional Heaving BodyHager, Rachael Elizabeth
Dec-2012Hybrid masonry connector plate and headed stud small-scale wall testingAoki, James Mitsunori Katsuki
Aug-2014Impact of water eutrophication on bacterial indicator organisms occurrence and survivalFerrufino, Alejandra Cecilia
May-2012License plate survey for traffic analysis : improving accuracy with correction algorithmsAbrishamkar, Alireza
Aug-2012Long wave run-up over submerged reef and breakwaterShimabuku, Nathan Takayuki
Aug-2012Material characterization in support of implementation of the mechanistic-empirical pavement design guideRayapeddi Kumar, Jayanth Kumar
May-2014Observations from load tests on geosynthetic reinforced soilIwamoto, Melia K.
May-2012Period-one rotating solution of parametric pendulums by iterative harmonic balanceZhang, Hui
May-2012Prediction of chloride penetration rates in Hawaiian concrete in a marine environmentRopert, Joshua Lee
May-2014Structural health monitoring of the first geosynthetic reinforced soil--integrated bridge system in HawaiiLawrence, Joseph Brandin