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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Oct-1976Analysis of HGP-A revised proposal : Extension to Contract E(04-3)-1093Shupe, John W.; Helsley, Charles E.
Sep-1989An archaelogical reconnaissance survey in the geothermal resource subzone of Upper Kamaili, Kehena and Kikala, Puna, HawaiiBonk, William J.
1-Dec-1976Buoyancy Induced Boundary Layer Flows in Geothermal ReservoirsCheng, Ping
Dec-1985Chemistry, scale, and performance of the Hawaii Geothermal Project-A plantBaughman, E.C.; Uemura, R.T.
14-Mar-1977Computer performance matching and prediction of geothermal reservoirs : technical report no. 22Seki, Arthur S.; Chen, Bill H.; Takahashi, Patrick K.
1999Core lithology from the State of Hawaii Scientific Observation Hole 1, Kilauea Volcano, HawaiiTrusdell, Frank A; Novak, Elizabeth; Evans, S Rene; Okano, Kelly
1993Core Lithology State of Hawaii Scientific Observation Hole 4 Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii.Trusdell, Frank A.; Novak, Elizabeth A.; Evans, S. Rene
1984Corrosion Tests in Hawaiian Geothermal FluidsLarsen-Basse, Jorn; Lam, Kam-Fai
22-Jul-1976Fact sheet for the Hawaii Geothermal Project (HGP) University of Hawaii-
1988Field applications of fiber-optic sensors : 1. Temperature measurements in a geothermal well (Report)Angel, S.M.; Garvis, D.G.; Sharma, S.K.; Seki, Arthur S.
1989Field applications of fiber-optic sensors. Part I : Temperature measurements in a geothermal well (Publication)Angel, S.M.; Garvis, D.G.; Sharma, S.K.; Seki, Arthur S.
1990Field testing of an optical fiber temperature sensor in a geothermal wellAngel, S.M.; Garvis, D.G.; Sharma, S.K.; Seki, Arthur S.
6-Apr-1977A Geothermal electric and nonelectric research facility utilizing the HGP-A well on the island of Hawaii : a proposal to Energy Research and Development Administration, Division of Geothermal Research-
1978Geothermal energy in Hawaii : present and futureShupe, John W.; Yuen, Paul C.
Jun-1980Geothermal guidebook : prepared for the Hawaii Legislature 1980 geothermal policy review-
Feb-1974Geothermal power economics : an annotated bibliographyEl-Ramly, N.; Peterson, Richard Einer; Seo, K.K.
1-May-1986Geothermal research at the Puna FacilityChen, B.
27-Jan-2012Geothermal research at the Puna Facility : Final reportChen, Bill; Takahashi, Patrick; Thomas, Donald
12-Dec-1985Geothermal research at the Puna facility : Technical progress reportChen, B.
1-Jun-1987Geothermal research at the Puna Facility:Silica Control and RecoveryChen, B.