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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Apr-2011ABCs of Special Education: Interactive Module on Special Education AcronymsKrumland, Andrew
14-Apr-2011Action Research using the Ken Burns effect in iMovieAki, Catherine; Aki, Catherine
26-Apr-2011Coral Reef Education in HawaiiNakamura, Melissa
12-Apr-2011Determining components for an appealing website for prospective ABIT students at the University of Hawaii Maui CollegeKinoshita, Nikki
14-Apr-2011Developing Your Master's E-Portfolio: An Instructional ModuleAdams, Renee
12-Apr-2011The Effects of Digital Communication on Motivating Third-Grade Student WritingUchino, Masaru
4-May-2011Enhancing Learning for 5th Graders by Way of Website Delivery for the Content Area of Social Studies-
26-Apr-2011Evaluate the Effectiveness of Using Blogs to Support the Tutorial Process among High School AVID StudentsShimabuku, Dain
12-Apr-2011Future Teaching in HawaiiIida, Maya
2-May-2011Healthy Plate: Consuming Balanced Meals as a Nutritional Strategy to Type II Diabetes PreventionJumawan, Francisco
14-Apr-2011Interactive Web Page to Teach How to Create an e-PortfolioJost, Monika
4-May-2011"Learning About Charts": A Learning Module to Teach Information LiteracyRichardson, Brian
2011Learning About the Cold War Through WebQuestsStewart, Timothy 2d
12-Apr-2011Learning Accounting Basic Concepts through Online TutorialsFernandez, Stacie
14-Apr-2011Let's Do Moviemaking: An iMovie Instructional Module for Deaf IndividualsNakamoto, Brian
12-Apr-2011Main Ideas & Supporting Details: A WebQuest ApproachVenzon, Vincent
15-Apr-2011Meeting Instructional Faculty Needs: Training Faculty with ScreencastingJavellana, Jean Q.
22-Apr-2011Online Piracy and PlagiarismRajouria, Sudha
4-May-2011Sharing Place Names of Hanauma Bay: A Multimedia PrototypeMaynard, Elizabeth Kumabe
14-Apr-2011Supporting Credit Recovery Students to Find SuccessPemberton, Beth