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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1993WRRCTR No.188 Five-year review of state land use districts: Protection of watershed and water resources in HawaiiMink, John F.; Lau, L. Stephen; Murabayashi, Edwin T.
Mar-1991WRRCTR No.189 Geology and hydrogeology of the island of Pohnpei, Federated States of MicronesiaSpengler, Steven R.; Peterson, Frank L.; Mink, John F.
Apr-1968WRRCTR No.19 Potential Water Development of the Kahua Area, Kohala, HawaiiLao, Chester; Adams, William M.
Apr-1993WRRCTR No.190 Aquifer identification and classification for Lanai: Groundwater protection strategy for HawaiiMink, John F.; Lau, L. Stephen
May-1993WRRCTR No.191 Aquifer identification and classification for the island of Hawaii: Groundwater protection strategy for HawaiiMink, John F.; Lau, L. Stephen
Aug-1966WRRCTR No.2 Infiltration and Percolation of Sewage Through Oahu Soils in Simulated Cesspool LysimetersKoizumi, Melvin K.; Burbank, Nathan C.; Lau, L. Stephen
Jun-1968WRRCTR No.20 Migration of Bacteriophage T4 in Percolating Water through Selected Oahu SoilsTanimoto, Richard M.; Burbank, Nathan C Jr.; Young, Reginald H.F.; Lau, L. Stephen
Nov-1969WRRCTR No.21 Application of Electric Well Logging and Other Well Logging Methods in HawaiiLao, Chester; Peterson, Frank L.; Cox, Doak C.
Nov-1968WRRCTR No.22 Tritium Measurements in Natural Hawaiian Waters: InstrumentationLau, L. Stephen; Hailu, Tsegaye
Nov-1968WRRCTR No.23 Electrical Resistivity Profile from Mahukona to Kawaihae, HawaiiAdams, William M.
Mar-1969WRRCTR No.24 Coastal Evidences of Ground Water Conditions in the Vicinity of Anaehoomalu and Lalamilo, South Kohala, HawaiiCox, Doak C.; Peterson, Frank L.; Adams, William M.; Lao, Chester; Campbell, John F.; Huber, Richie D.
Dec-1968WRRCTR No.25 Reflectivity of Electromagnetic Waves at an Air-Water Interface for Pure and Sea WaterLepley, Larry K.; Adams, William M.
Dec-1968WRRCTR No.26 Infrared Images of the Kau and Puna Coastlines on HawaiiAdams, William M.; Lepley, Larry K.
Jan-1969WRRCTR No.27 Anaerobic Digestion of Pineapple Mill WastesMcMorrow, Martin J.K.; Young, Reginald H.F.; Burbank, Nathan C Jr.; Lau, L. Stephen; Klemmer, Howard W.
Feb-1970WRRCTR No.28 Aeromagnetic, Gravity, and Electrical Resistivity Exploration Between Pahala and Punaluu, HawaiiAdams, William M.; Mathur, Surendra P.; Huber, Richie D.
Jan-1969WRRCTR No.29 Silica in Streams and Ground Water of Hawaii-
Mar-1969WRRCTR No.30 Hydrograph Study and Peak Discharge Determination of Hawaiian Small Watersheds: Island of OahuWu, I-Pai
Mar-1970WRRCTR No.31(I) Estuarine Pollution in the State of Hawaii: Vol. 1 - Statewide StudyCox, Doak C.; Gordon, Lawrence C Jr.
Nov-1969WRRCTR No.34 Some Measurements of the Tritium Content in the Natural Waters of Southern Oahu, HawaiiHufen, Theodorus H.; Duce, Robert A.; Lau, L. Stephen
Jan-1970WRRCTR No.35 Effects of Surface Runoff and Waste Discharge into the Southern Sector of Kaneohe Bay: January - April 1968Quan, Edison L.; Young, Reginald H.F.; Burbank, Nathan C Jr.; Lau, L. Stephen