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1982A Sad Tale of Long Ago: How Magic Signs were Brought to a Far-off IslandHezel, Francis X.
1982Who Shall Own the Schools?Hezel, Francis X.
1982Self-support by Micronesians of Programs and Institutions of the Catholic Church in Micronesia: The Ideal and the Present RealityHezel, Francis X.
1982The Creation of a Colony: The Paradox of Economic Aid to MicronesiaHezel, Francis X.
19821982 - Table of Contents - Reflections on Micronesia: Collected Papers-
1982Reflections on Micronesia: Collected PapersHezel, Francis X.
1982Education in Micronesia: Today and TomorrowHezel, Francis X.
1982Micronesia's School IndustryHezel, Francis X.
1982Reflections on Micronesia's EconomyHezel, Francis X.
1982Yesterday's Myths, Today's RealitiesHezel, Francis X.
1982The New Formula for Self-RelianceHezel, Francis X.
1982The Education Explosion in TrukHezel, Francis X.
1982The Anthropologist and Social Problems in MicronesiaHezel, Francis X.
1982The Micronesian Dilemma: How to Support Expensive Habits and Still Run the HouseholdHezel, Francis X.
1982In Search of a Home: Colonial Education in MicronesiaHezel, Francis X.
1982Looking Ahead to the End of the Trusteeship, Trust Territory of the Pacific IslandsHezel, Francis X.
1982Micronesia's Hanging SpreeHezel, Francis X.
1982Recent Theories of the Relationship Between Education and DevelopmentHezel, Francis X.
1982Micronesia's Education for Self-Government: Frolicking in the Backyard?Hezel, Francis X.
1982Taking the Long ViewHezel, Francis X.