Kurdish intonation patterns
The above intonation patterns show a handful of elicitations for each phrase / functional type.
Overall, it would appear that statements have a flat, with slight falling, intonation patterns. Yes or no questions have a rising pattern, with a small dip near the end, before continuing to rise. WH questions are variable, but tend to be low near the beginning, peak in the middle, and drop near the end. Eco questions are highly rising, and lists are largely monotonous.
Further analysis with the assistance of software like Praat is needed for a more full understanding of the intonation of Kurdish.

Stress Patterns

Not much analysis has been done on Kurdish stress patterns (at least not within the current study), but it would appear that stress tends to fall on the last syllable of a word in the word’s elicitation form. Foreign words borrowed into Kurdish largely break from this rule.

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